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Are you ready to take steps to plan for your retirement? Don’t be left out in the cold. When you’re out of money, you’re out of options. Cruising through Retirement is a handbook for navigating the ever-evolving world of retirement planning and beyond!


Introduction: By Matt Zagula

“Why should you care what Rick Law and Kathy Motley have to say about protecting you, your lifestyle and your retirement assets?”

During any calendar year, Rick Law and Kathy Motley work with at least 500 singles and couples, ranging from healthy, vigorous, Vietnam-War-era baby boomers, to the fragile remaining elders of the Depression era and World War II generation. Few attorneys and/or senior advisors get to learn from the financial and legal decisions of 500+ lifetimes of decision-makers.

In this book Rick and Kathy join forces to share with you how to find the best place to stand in today’s economic earthquake.

They know that you are looking for four things from a legal and financial advisor:

  • Safety, because it’s too hard to get back what you lost.
  • A reasonable rate of return on your money. Most people do not expect to be stock market wizards. They want a safe and consistent way to be able to support their lifestyle.
  • Simplicity, because nobody wants to be a fool. They want to make legal and financial decisions they can
  • Income for life. Nobody wants to run out of money before they die. If you are out of money, then you are
    out of options.

Rick Law and Kathy Motley know that most retirees make lots of poor investment and legal choices-unsafe, complex, and with pie-in-the-sky promises. Want to sleep be!er? Read this book! It was written by two very talented people who work together to provide boomer retirees, maturing seniors and frail elders with legal and financial solutions.

Rick describes himself as a “learn-a-holic” and somewhat cynical realist. Over the years, he has read and collected 114 books (at last count) on investing, taken numerous courses and worked with more than 2,000 clients and their financial advisors. (His most highly recommended books on investing are listed in the Appendix section of this book.) He has a well-earned reputation for insights into the future and wisdom based on his broad business,
investment and legal experience.

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