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What Our Clients Say...

Diane Martin

- Diane Martin I have worked with Law ElderLaw with two of my family members... (read more)
I have worked with Law ElderLaw with two of my family members. My aunt whom had a substantial amount of assets and my mother who had barely any were both treated equally with the same respect, dedication and compassion regardless of how much money they had. This firm continues to be exemplary in so many ways even well after my mother’s and aunt’s legal work have been completed. I recently went to a dementia support group meeting and heard a very informative and compassionate presentation from Rick at Law ElderLaw. The ripples are continuing out as they are accomplishing a wonderful mission for families with dementia-a God send. I have highly recommended Law ElderLaw and will continue to do so in the future as I believe that the services they provide are invaluable.

–Diane Martin

Sharon Mason 

- Sharon Mason When we did not understand the public benefit maze, Rick Law and his team had many ways to help... (read more)
When it’s hard to trust the system turn here…

When we did not understand the public benefit maze, Rick Law and his team had many ways to help us learn, not just auditory, but with techniques to guide us, teach us. We felt empowered in a powerless situation.

We learned to protect our loved ones, feel less helpless, grow instead of give up. Best of all, help others. If you need a Lawyer, you need Rick Law’s guidance.

–Sharon Mason


Alvin Goldstein Words alone cannot describe how well Law ElderLaw performed... (read more)

Mission accomplished!!!!!!

Words alone cannot describe how well Law ElderLaw performed to satisfy our needs, thereby making our lives easier.

These are not only the most capable people but those with love & compassion deep in their hearts to help those who are in need.

They are a text book example of how good things happen to good people of the highest character. They helped us reach the “goal-line”

in record breaking time. Please just choose carefully those you care to handle you’re affairs, we recommend Law ElderLaw without hesitation as they’re sure to make the lives of others just like us a joy.

–Alvin Goldstein

Jo Buscemi
- Jo Buscemi My aunt had suffered for years with dementia... (read more)

Around October 2008 my mother and I had our first meeting with Law ElderLaw in regards to my Aunt Raffaella Calabrese (“Auntie Florence”).  My aunt had suffered for years with dementia and had various (six in all) live-in caregivers.  I was told by many to keep my aunt in familiar surroundings for as long as possible and I being her power of attorney, I did exactly that.

I came to Law ElderLaw’s Aurora office one day and had our initial meeting with Jonathan.  I was very apprehensive.  Norridge HealthCare Facility recommended that I talk with you folks.  Well, after our second meeting with Jonathan and many phone calls and questions, we returned in about November of 2008 and contracted with the firm for assistance.  I put off as long as I possibly could placing Auntie in a nursing home, and then only because our sixth caregiver was returning to Poland and Auntie had exhausted all her life’s savings in addition to what I paid for from my savings.

Auntie went to live at Norridge HealthCare Facility  During this time I was assigned to Gina Salamone as our attorney at Law ElderLaw.  I know I drove Gina and Shawn (and everyone who answered the phone) nuts with all my calls and my frantic questions and nervousness.  I do believe Gina and I have a bond, though, and I trusted her with my precious family member and for that I am very grateful to her.

I have recommended people to Law ElderLaw and I have even gone as far as handing out their phone number—and advised these people to get all their ducks in a row now rather than wait.

I wish to express my family’s sincere appreciation for all the thousand times I called, ranted, cried, and went nuts—but the staff never gave up, not once.  Gina even went to the DHS regional manager on our behalf!

I really appreciate everything the entire staff did for Auntie, and I promise I will always recommend people who need this type of help to this firm.  God bless everyone at Law ElderLaw in Aurora, Illinois.  Thank you all again on behalf of Auntie Florence and the Buscemi family—we truly thank you.

–Jo Buscemi

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