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Retirement Protection

Dear Baby Boomer,

Once again, society just isn’t prepared for us!  There were not enough cribs in our maternity wards; not enough desks in our kindergartens; and now, “They” are working to get in the way of our retirement.

The legal and financial obstacles that face Boomers can be overcome when you have the right counselors.  You want fresh ideas that are undergirded by the wisdom of experience.  As the leader of our team, I understand the pressures of being sandwiched between our striving-to-succeed adult children and our increasingly frail parents.

Your retirement must be safely protected to provide you with a satisfying lifestyle.  No one wants to be out of money and out of options during some of the best years of their lives.  We all want to cruise through retirement, and miss the potholes.

Kathy Motley and I have actually written a book on this subject.  We want to help make your retirement life more enjoyable, and not just focus on estate planning.  There is a whole lot of living that needs to be done before we die.  Like you, Kathy and I are Boomers, and we lead one of the few “Boomer Law” legal teams.

Call us today at (630) 585-5200 to request a free copy of our book Cruising Through Retirement by Rick L. Law, attorney, and Kathy Motley, senior advisor.

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