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1. When Dementia Hits the Pocketbook
“He’s been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. What are we going to do? Will I lose my home? Are we going to lose everything?” Listen as Rick Law guides you through the answers to those questions, if a dementia diagnosis has rocked your family.

2. Love and Protection Trust
Do you have a child with a destructive lifestyle that you desperately want to make sure is taken care of? Or maybe you want to instill your values into the next generation? The Love and Protection Trust may be the answer for you. Listen in to find out more.

3. What the Heck is a Trust?
We all want to keep control of our assets. But if you have a traditional estate plan, your money may not as protected as you think. Listen as Rick explains what a trust is, and how it directly affects your pocketbook.

4. Patti Gribow Show
Rick Law and Kathy Motley guide you through the basics of Elder Law, and what it means for you and those you love… after all, what you may not know could drain your life savings in a matter of months. Rick and Kathy were featured on the Patti Gribow show shortly after publishing their book, Cruising Through Retirement: How To Avoid the Potholes. (Call our office at 800-810-3100 to find out how to receive a copy!)

5. What if You Don't Die, but Become Ill Instead?
Are you one of the millions of people who were lied to about what will happen to your assets if you become ill or pass away? What most people don’t know is that those two options – becoming ill and passing away – yield drastically different results. Take a look to see where your money will go when it happens to you… because life guarantees us at least one of these results!

6. Senior Nation
Will you wait until it’s too late to plan? Too many seniors think they’re “not old enough” to worry about aging and end-of-life issues. The truth is, not of us are too young – the age wave is upon us. If the burden of caring for a loved one who needs long term care has become too much, take a look at this video to find out how to lift the burden off your shoulders, with the help of Law ElderLaw.

7. From Your Home to Ours
Take a look at this quick video for in-depth instructions on how to get to our office.

8. Alzheimer's Hope
Are you caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s? Most caregivers are wiped out and simply don’t know where to begin to care for their loved one, their kids, their spouse, let alone themselves. We’re here to offer a glimmer of hope, and to help you make your life better, today. Click to download our Indispensable Alzheimer’s Resource Kit — it’s completely free!

9. Obamacare, Medicare Cuts, and Taxes
Rick Law’s full seminar on Obamacare, Medicare Cuts, and Taxes, and how you can protect your loved ones, your savings, and your legacy in today’s changing world.