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Talking about what happens after you pass away isn’t an easy thing to do.

Most people avoid it like the plague… and that’s normal! That being said, we have to remember that after we breathe our last breath, something does happen to our estate… whether we planned for it or not. Most people think that a will is all you need as you plan for your eventual death. But these days, things have changed. You may want to make the process of managing your estate as easy as possible for those you love.
If you only have a will, your estate will pass into a court proceeding called probate when you die. This will help determine exactly who gets what parts of your estate according to your will. If you don’t have a will, your estate will still go through probate and will pass to your rightful heirs (depending on who the state decides that is).
Sounds simple, doesn’t it? The problem is that probate can be a huge weight on your already-grieving family. It can cost many thousands of dollars, and drag on for months… or even years after your death. As you might imagine, if your family is forced to deal with probate for months or years, it can become extremely costly. In addition, what passes though probate is made public record… meaning all your laundry is aired, for better or for worse. In my office, I have seen too many people fail to plan properly. Unfortunately, the person who failed to plan has not only passed their estate to their loved ones, but they have also passed a huge burden onto their children and/or spouse. The good news is, with proper documents in place, you can avoid putting that load on the ones you love after you pass. With planning that is right for your unique situation, you can put your mind at ease that your family will have the best possible outcome when you die. Always be sure you talk to a qualified Elder Law attorney before you take any steps. While probate can be expensive and inconvenient, for some it is the best option. Every person’s circumstances are different… make sure you’re making the right choice for your family before you put anything in place. Call my office at (800) 810-3100 to find out what’s right for your situation.

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