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The Right Estate Plan
Can Help Ease Your Worries,
Pain, and Conflict

Provide for Vulnerable Loved Ones
And Ensure Your Assets Go To Your Children

The truth is, many of us have a loved one we want to provide for 
that will never be able to handle money.

Dear Friend,

I can’t tell you how often I hear a client tell me that if their child receives any money, it just slips through their fingers. If that client left their estate to their vulnerable child (or even part of it), they would burn through the assets in a very short time. Addictions and mental disorders can be one reason for that, but sometimes it’s just a matter of that particular child’s personality – they’ve never been able to handle money, and they never will be.

Do you want to take care of a child who:
  • Is vulnerable to predators and creditors?

  • Is mentally or physically disabled?

  • Makes destructive life choices?

  • Has an addiction to drugs, alcohol or gambling?

  • Is simply unable to manage money?

Many attorneys will tell you to disinherit that child. In my experience, that’s not usually the best way to go about things. What’s more, with the proper legal tools in place, it’s not necessary! You can continue to provide for a vulnerable child after you’re gone, without the concern that your estate will be lost.

You can make sure that your child always has what they need – a warm bed, enough to eat, and support that will last.

In addition, you may want to protect your estate from going to someone outside your family. Often, one spouse remarries after the other dies. Even when everyone has the best intentions, it’s quite common to see one’s estate pass to their wife’s new husband and his children – unless protections are in place to safeguard your estate. Do you want your assets going to someone you’ve never even met? Or worse – someone who has targeted your husband or wife after your passing so they can lay hold of your estate?

Luckily, with the right protections in place, you can rest easy knowing your estate will pass to your wife, your children, and their children – following your bloodline.

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Rick Law, J.D.
Founder and Managing Partner
Estate, Asset, and Retirement Protection Attorneys at Law ElderLaw

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