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Grab a Cane and Keep Walking


Nunca te Detengas  (Never Stop Yourself) The Words of Mother Teresa of Calcutta In February, when I was in Central America, I was given a brochure which celebrated Costa Rican retirees and their value to their country.  I translated the inspiring Spanish language message, which quoted the words of Mother Teresa of Calcutta.  I have never seen any comparable message sent to retirees here in the United States, so I want to honor my fellow senior citizens with this message. Yes, I too qualify for the senior discount coffee at McDonald’s without asking for it!  In addition, I have noticed that my lovely and still youthful-looking wife Rose requests the senior discount at the movie theater.  (Shhhh—please don’t tell her I told that I told you!)

The brochure said this:

Our retirees are an important reason that our country is a wonderful place to live.  We celebrate all senior citizens and older adults.  Thank you for constructing a better country.  Please read these words of encouragement by Mother Theresa:

Never Stop Yourself

Always keep in mind that your skin will wrinkle and that your hair will go white and that your days will become years…  But the most important thing never changes—your  strength of will and your convictions don’t have an age limit.  Your spirit is like a feather duster to wipe away the cobwebs.

After every arrival there is a leaving.  After every accomplishment there is another challenge.  While you are alive, feel and know that you are alive.

When you are feeling sorry for yourself about what you used to be able to do, do something new.  Don’t live surrounded by the yellowed photos of yesterday.  Continue forward, even though you feel abandoned by others.  Don’t let rust take away the steel that is in you.

Behave in a way that others respect you, not pity you.

When, due to your years, you cannot run—trot.  When you can no longer trot—walk.  When you can no longer walk—grab a cane and keep on going.

Never stop yourself.

She said it all.