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Robin Spang

 Paralegal and Client Services
When Robin decided to accept the position of VP of Client Services, also known around the office as “Director of First Impressions,” she had been praying to find a new and meaningful job.

As a capable legal secretary and paralegal for many years, the joy had gone out of her daily work. She longed to do something that added to peoples’ lives and lessened their burdens.

The big problem is that there are not too many jobs like that in the legal world! Now all that has changed, as Robin is one of the first contacts that a client, prospective client, or possible referral source will have with Law Elder Law.

These days, she loves coming to work in the morning. At Law Elder Law she has discovered a ‘calling.’ She says, “I want my voice to give comfort to our clients and our prospective clients. I want them to know that we can help them find peace of mind and that we understand what they are going through during a loved one’s illness or transition into a long-term care facility. I see my job as providing a “hotline” of sorts. I can often give people the good news that they are not alone and that we are here to help them care for their loved one. I love this work!”

Like many women, she struggles to balance the demands of a career with her commitment to be a good mother and wife. She and her husband Dave have a blended family that consists of four daughters, one son, and two granddaughters. That’s right, Robin is a grandmother — and she loves to spend both quantity and quality time with her beloved family.

Significant life experiences

  • My children made me realize that the world does not revolve around me.

  • Being a cancer survivor makes me grateful for the opportunity to grow older.

  • 9/11 made me realize that life is not fair and that it doesn’t come with guarantees—so we should live life the way that we want to, without fearing the criticism of others.

Hobbies and likes

  • Reading

  • Scrapbooking

Favorite travel destinations

  • Colorado

  • New Orleans

  • The Riviera Maya in Mexico

“Do not resent growing old; many are denied the privilege.” — An old Irish blessing

Robin adds, ” I just pray that I still feel that way when I lose my teeth!”
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