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Law Elder Law is A Multi-Generation Law Firm

Rick has been named the #1 elder law estate planning attorney for the past 8 years in a row by Leading Lawyers Magazine (2008 – 2016)
Rick Law
Founder, Managing Partner
Diana has been named one of 2015’s “40 under 40” by Chicago Daily Law Bulletin. She has been selected as a “Rising Super Star Lawyer”. In 2010, the Illinois State Bar Association chose Diana as their Outstanding Young Lawyer (outside Cook County), and she currently serves as the Kane County Public Guardian & Administrator
Diana Law
Litigation Partner
Zach is a person of integrity, perseverance, and goodwill. “I love the variety I get to see in my work. No two families are the same, so using tools in different ways to solve problems is what I’m passionate about. Each family presents a different riddle, and I get to help them find the best results.”
Zach Hesselbaum
Tax Partner
Faviola Ramirez
Meet Our Team

 When you work with Law Elder Law, you’ll meet some of the “faces” of our firm… but what you may not know is that there’s a bustling team of important people just behind the curtain. Each member of the team performs a vital role in helping our Chicago area clients to get the best possible outcome from their situation.

Rick Law Founder and Managing Partner I love the work that I have the opportunity to do. Most of my clients are seniors, and they come to us to make wise decisions about life, aging, and protecting their loved ones.

In my role as lead attorney of the Law ElderLaw organization, it is my job to surround myself with people who are committed to serving our clients in a world class manner. We must be people who are trustworthy and client-oriented. Our team must see itself as an organization where not only our clients, but also our co-workers, are treated with respect and courtesy and a heartfelt commitment to put the interests of others above our own. We can provide world class service only when we ourselves live out the Golden Rule in such a way that we imagine what we would want, and then grab the initiative and do that for others. [Read More...]
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Diana Law Litigation Partner Diana M. Law brings a freshness and energy to her attorney-client relationships. She has dedicated herself to becoming a complete professional, and she also serves within the community. She has been very fortunate to work with some of the finest estate planners and litigators in northern Illinois, and she has experience in the difficult emotional environment that often surrounds families in crisis. Her interpersonal giftedness has been considered by many to be an anchor in the midst of a storm.

In recent years, Diana has been the recipient of many accolades from her peers, including in 2011 when she was elected the youngest ever President of the Kane County Bar Association. More recently, in 2015, she was featured in Chicago Daily Law Bulletin’s Leading Lawyer magazine as one of the 2015, 40 under 40 young lawyers in IL. [Read More...]
Zach Hesselbaum Tax Partner Zach grew up in the area, and loves helping families protect assets and seeing them keep more of what they’ve worked hard for all their lives. He likes working with the people he grew up around, and has helped many old family friends… he’s even helped some of his own family members!

Zach is a person of integrity, perseverance, and goodwill. “I love the variety I get to see in my work. No two families are the same, so using tools in different ways to solve problems is what I’m passionate about. Each family presents a different riddle, and I get to help them find the best results.” [Read More...]
Zach Hesselbaum Super Lawyers
Faviola Ramirez Law Hesselbaum Partner Faviola understands hard work and what it takes to be an important part of a support team. She came to America when she was four, along with her parents and siblings.

Faviola’s favorite part of her job is seeing a ward who’s recovering and can start to express their symptoms and get back on track toward health. She enjoys the feeling of knowing that after months of getting things back in order, the client often accepts our help and the relationship changes.

“I like that the work is different every time,” says Faviola. “Sometimes it’s more public guardian work, other times more private estate litigation. [Read More...]
Jessica Bannister Law Firm Administrator I (Rick Law) have known and worked with Jessica for over twenty years. To me, she is a model of initiative. I once asked her what motivated her to always strive for excellence, and she replied, “In every job I’ve ever had, I have looked around to see what other people did not want to do—and then I learned how to do that. I figured when it came time to lay people off, I’d be the last one that they let go!”

Jessica’s most significant relationships are with her husband, Jerry, and her parents, John and Jodeen. One of her very favorite things is a good night’s sleep! Something that really bugs her, on the other hand, is hypocrisy. She enjoys cooking, gardening, walking (she does an 8-minute mile!). When she’s not at the office, you are likely to find her in her back yard. [Read More...]
Robin L Spang Paralegal and Client Services When Robin decided to accept the position of VP of Client Services, also known around the office as “Director of First Impressions,” she had been praying to find a new and meaningful job. As a capable legal secretary and paralegal for many years, the joy had gone out of her daily work. She longed to do something that added to peoples’ lives and lessened their burdens. The big problem is that there are not too many jobs like that in the legal world! Now all that has changed, as Robin is one of the first contacts that a client, prospective client, or possible referral source will have with Law ElderLaw.

These days, she loves coming to work in the morning. At Law ElderLaw she has discovered a ‘calling.’ She says, “I want my voice to give comfort to our clients and our prospective clients. I want them to know that we can help them [Read more...]
Diane Furlan Client Services Diane Furlan is a marvelous combination of enthusiasm, energy, and efficiency. She states that her father, Don Hoover, modeled for her his good work habits. He worked for the railroad for 47 years, but to this day he states, “I never worked a day in my life.” Diane enjoys being employed at the law firm as much as her father enjoyed working on the railroad. She credits her mother, Mary, who raised six children, with providing her with parenting wisdom about “what works and what doesn’t.” Diane cherishes her four grown children and eight grandchildren and finds grandparenting more fun than parenting!

2012 grew Diane’s faith tremendously when her then 3 year old granddaughter, Bella was diagnosed with ALL (Leukemia). [Read More...]
Barb Dunkin Client Services Assistant Barb’s presence here at Law ElderLaw brightens the lives of all team members. She is abundantly generous with her smiles, jokes, and “artistic innovations.” Her love language is gift-giving.

Barb tells us that her best friend is her husband Bill. Together they have three boys and one girl. Hospitality overflows from Barb and Bill to all of the foster children who have crossed their doorway and slept within their home. Each child has left their own legacy and shared a [Read More...]
Elizabeth Nichols Client Services Most often, Liz is the welcoming person who gives you a smile as you come through the front door of Law ElderLaw.

Liz likes people, and people like Liz! Most of our clients are seniors, and most of our law firm staff are younger people like Liz. It’s the perfect combination.

When Liz is not serving our clients and their families, she enjoys her own friends and family. Liz’ family includes her parents (Jim and Mary), sister Cati, and brother James, a/k/a “Jimbo.” She loves to travel to Arizona where she shares laughs [Read More...]
Pamela Abuhl Client Services Maribel Cano Paralegal, Trust Department Leslie Prevett Paralegal, Trust Department Supervisor Michelle Kee Paralegal Brittany Coleman Paralegal
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About Law Elder Law

You want to provide your family with the highest levels of safety. You wouldn’t allow your child or grandchild to drive a car without seatbelts or airbags!  When was the last time your retirement or estate plan went through a safety check?

Lead Attorney Rick Law in a meetingCrash-test ads try to demonstrate a car’s level of safety. When it comes to our clients, their true-life experiences demonstrate the crash-worthiness of our legal solutions.  Over 4500 local client families have trusted us to protect them.  Our solutions are proven to keep you and your family safe in the toughest conditions.

You wouldn’t buy a car without a service plan, but you likely never imagined legal work with a service plan!  As changes occur in your life or in state and federal law, your plan may need an upgrade or update.

We provide these features with all of our retirement; estate and asset protection plans:

  • High-precision trust asset funding

  • Trustee training workshop to teach you how to operate your estate plan

  • Successor trustee workshop to help your future decision-makers know what to do

  • A free 3 year review


Old-school estate plans are merely death plans – they don’t do anything unless you’re dead. Our work is different: we work with you to provide benefits while you’re alive.

If you’re a pre-retiree or retiree who wants to have more tax-efficient retirement income or more tax-free money for your loved ones, then schedule your free initial meeting.  There is absolutely no cost for the initial vision meeting.

We look forward to being your trustworthy guide for estate, asset and retirement tax planning.

  • Rick L. Law
Rick L. Law, founder and lead partner
Law Elder Law
Client Testimonials
Alvin Goldstein

Mission accomplished!!! Words alone cannot describe how well Law Elder Law performed to satisfy our needs, thereby making our lives easier. These are not only the most capable people but those with love & compassion deep in their hearts to help those who are in need. They are a text book example of how good things happen to good people of the highest character. They helped us reach the “goal-line” in record breaking time. Please just choose carefully those you care to handle you’re affairs, we recommend Law Elder Law without hesitation as they’re sure to make the lives of others just like us a joy.

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Diane Martin

I  have worked with Law Elder Law with two of my family members. My aunt whom had a substantial amount of assets and my mother who had barely any were both treated equally with the same respect, dedication and compassion regardless of how much money they had. This firm continues to be exemplary in so many ways even well after my mother’s and aunt’s legal work have been completed. I recently went to a dementia support group meeting and heard a very informative and compassionate presentation from Rick at Law Elder Law. The ripples are continuing out as they are accomplishing a wonderful mission for families with dementia-a God send. I have highly recommended Law Hesselbaum and will continue to do so in the future as I believe that the services they provide are invaluable.
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Sharon Mason

When it’s hard to trust the system turn here… When we did not understand the public benefit maze, Rick Law and his team had many ways to help us learn, not just auditory, but with techniques to guide us, teach us. We felt empowered in a powerless situation.We learned to protect our loved ones, feel less helpless, grow instead of give up. Best of all, help others. If you need a Lawyer, you need Rick Law’s guidance.

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LEL Client Promises

We promise to fulfill the Golden Rule: we strive to serve you and your family in the manner we wish to be served.

We promise to explain complex legal concepts in simple ways.

We promise to use our skills and knowledge to help you keep more of what you have.

We promise to continuously improve our skills; solutions and services so that you may enjoy the benefits and privileges that the law guarantees.