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Elizabeth Nichols

Client Services 
Most often, Liz is the welcoming person who gives you a smile as you come through the front door of Law Hesselbaum. 

Liz likes people, and people like Liz! Most of our clients are seniors, and most of our law firm staff are younger people like Liz. It’s the perfect combination.

When Liz is not serving our clients and their families, she enjoys her own friends and family. Liz’ family includes her parents (Jim and Mary), sister Cati, and brother James, a/k/a “Jimbo.”

She loves to travel to Arizona where she shares laughs with her parents who have recently moved there. The rest of her family include brother Jimbo, sister-in-law Jill, amazing nephews J.J. and Zachary, and beautiful niece Milena.

Liz and her significant other, Bryan, love spending time together in their little townhome with their dog Gunner, who has brought so much joy to their lives since they rescued him in December of 2015. They also love to spend time outdoors and on their boat, fishing on local lakes.

Favorite trips Liz has taken include horseback riding in Wyoming; shell hunting along the beaches of Sanibel Island, Florida; and fishing and boating at her uncle’s cabin in northern Wisconsin.

But Liz is a self-confessed “homebody” who loves nothing better than a quiet evening at home.
“Live like there is no tomorrow; sing as if no one can hear you; love like you have never been hurt; dance as if no one is watching; laugh like no one is listening.”
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