Senior Attorney Rick Law Weighs in on Health Care Reform

The, a website committed to reporting on cutting edge financial issues, recently posted an article called “Health Care Insurers Still on Defensive” by Joe Mont. The article’s goal was to ‘take to task’ the recent government health care reform issue. Senior Attorney, Rick L. Law, didn’t pull any punches when asked about the reform.

“It is interesting how the government names things,” says Rick Law, founder of Law Elder Law, an estate and elder law firm in Aurora, Ill. “They give things attractive names, so it is the Affordable Care Act even though it is anything but that. When you think about the layers of administrative mandates and bureaucracies, it can’t possibly be about affordable care. It has other agendas, it only has the name. There is no way it can reduce the cost, so the question becomes was it ever meant to reduce the costs or to make it impossible for the private sector to compete? Is an ulterior motive for some of what is going to layered into the Band-Aids that private insurers will not be affordable so [consumers] will go to the government exchange?”
Later in the article, Mr. Law voiced his concern about the purposed government insurance voucher program:
“The government is saying, ‘don’t worry, we are going to be give you vouchers and you can go out and buy all the insurance you want,'” Law says. “But the public is asking, ‘Who is going to sell us the insurance?’ People are quite distrustful that they are going to be able to buy coverage.”