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Discover the benefits of an estate plan custom fit to your life.

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Make sure your money lasts as long as you do. Provide for vulnerable loved ones, and ensure your spouse has enough to live on.

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Plan now to avoid losing everything to the costs of a nursing home or a chronic illness.

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Meet the authors of Cruising Through Retirement: Avoiding the Potholes.

The Wall Street Journal reports 86% of widows live in poverty after their life savings are spent caring for their spouse. Your existing living trust may be missing vital safety features to protect you and your family.

If you don’t have an estate plan, now is the time to get your plan in order! Learn more at Attorney Rick Law’s new workshop!


  • SMART moves around Estate Plans, Nursing Home Costs and Retirement Tax Savings

  • Why your existing Trust and Will may not protect you and your family from nursing home costs and probate

  • The hidden Illinois tax that may cost you big bucks!

  • Why your IRA/401k is unprotected against taxes and long-term care costs

  • The importance of planning ahead for reduced taxes and debt in retirement

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I love the work that I have the opportunity to do. Most of my clients are seniors, and they come to us to make wise decisions about life, aging, and protecting their loved ones.
Rick Law
Managing Partner
Diana M. Law brings a freshness and energy to her attorney-client relationships. She has dedicated herself to becoming a complete professional, and she also serves within the community.
Diana Law
Litigation Partner
Zach is a person of integrity, perseverance, and goodwill. “I love the variety I get to see in my work.' Zach says... 'No two families are the same, so using tools in different ways to solve problems is what I’m passionate about. Each family presents a different riddle, and I get to help them find the best results.” He was recently featured in Emerging Lawyers Magazine! Click the icon to read more.
Zach Hesselbaum
Tax Partner
Will Your Estate and Retirement Plan
Work When The Time Comes?

You might remember when cars didn’t have seatbelts, and nobody used child seats. Safety improvements since the 1970’s have been monumental and new safety features are expected in every model year. New cars must have better braking systems; warning sensors; and computerized safeguards. But what does that have to do with retirement planning?

All retirement, estate, and asset protection planning should be continuously improved, too! You want to provide your family with the highest levels of safety. You wouldn’t allow your child or grandchild to drive a car without seatbelts or airbags!  When was the last time your retirement or estate plan went through a safety check?

You’ve probably never thought about the safety features of a retirement, estate, and asset protection plan, but we think constantly about continuously improving the safety features of our work. We create custom-designed solutions tailored to meet your goals. We want to make sure that you benefit from our ongoing research and development.

Attorney Faviola carmona with a ClientThink about the TV ads that you have seen that show various crash tests. Those ads try to demonstrate how safe those cars have been constructed. When it comes to our clients, their true-life experiences demonstrate the crash-worthiness of our legal solutions. Over 4500 local client families have trusted us to protect them. We comfort them and protect them in the real-life situations such as death or unwelcome medical diagnoses. Our solutions are proven to keep you and your family safer in the toughest conditions.

You wouldn’t buy a car without a service plan, but you likely never imagined legal work with a service plan!  As changes occur in your life or in state and federal law, your plan may need an upgrade or update.

We provide these features with all of our retirement; estate and asset protection plans:

  • High-precision trust asset funding

  • Trustee training workshop to teach you how to operate your estate plan

  • Successor trustee workshop to help your future decision-makers know what to do

  • A free 3 year review

Old-school estate plans are merely death plans – they don’t do anything unless you’re dead. Planning to live is more important than planning to die! Our work is different: we work with you to provide benefits while you’re alive.

If you’re a pre-retiree or retiree who wants to have more tax-efficient retirement income or more tax-free money for your loved ones, then schedule your free initial meeting.  There is absolutely no cost for the initial vision meeting.

Retirement and estate planning is a long-term relationship, not just a transaction. We look forward to being your trustworthy guide for estate, asset and retirement tax planning. 

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Rick Law
Founder and Lead Partner
Law Elder Law, a division of Law Hesselbaum

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Have you gained any grandkids or in-laws? Lost anyone in the family? Had a beneficiary move out-of-state? It’s time to schedule your 3-year review. Even if you haven’t had any changes, state and federal laws may have changed that directly affect you!

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