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Here at Law Elder Law, I like to refer to our team as the ‘Teddy Bear Lawyers.”  On the other hand, my dear friend Kerry Peck is a man who I happily refer to as the “Grizzly Bear Lawyer.” He is at Cook County Courthouse every day that it is open.  Kerry is much more than a great courtroom attorney—he is a wonderful human being!  Recently, my daughter, Attorney Diana Law, wrote the following letter about Mr. Peck: “Kerry R. Peck is not only an extraordinary attorney, but he is an extraordinary human being.  He and his law firm are known for passionate advocacy, leadership in the legal and civic community, and holistic representation.  The firm Peck Bloom strives to fulfill their motto of “Winning Solutions In and Out of the Courtroom.” Mr. Peck represents clients who are emotionally drained and vulnerable. They may have just lost a loved one; or received a devastating medical diagnosis; or they are trying to protect the rights of their child with disabilities; or they are embroiled in tumultuous familial conflicts while administering a contested trust or estate.  Despite this, he provides his clients with dignity, unequalled representation, and superb service.  He meets his clients where they are, and he appreciates their need for compassion and empathy. Mr. Peck is not afraid of hard work, both physically and mentally.  He has a unique ability to take what he has learned from law books and his experience and merge them into a vigorous representation of his clients. Mr. Peck is a man of impeccable character who inspires me and others to be committed to professionalism and integrity.  As a young elder law attorney who is fortunate enough to call Kerry my mentor, I have turned to him with many questions concerning the interplay between ethics and my clients’ particular needs and circumstances.  He is an amazing sounding board and teacher.  He not only teaches me the correct technical answers, but also how these answers will affect the lives of the people we serve. He constantly opens my eyes to a much bigger picture then I would have seen before.  If we all navigated by his moral compass, we would never lose our way. Mr. Peck has dedicated his life to serving others and championing the rights of the elderly and persons with disabilities.  He is sought after by our local and state governments to advise judges and legislators on the laws affecting the elderly, including writing the State of Illinois “Elder Abuse and Neglect Act.” Despite the myriad hours Mr. Peck has clocked to serve his clients and the profession, he makes time to serve the community through civic, charitable, and religious organizations.  The commitment and dedication Mr. Peck demonstrates to bar associations and community organizations is the same commitment and dedication he shows to his family and clients.  I must also mention Mr. Peck’s unparalleled generosity.  He is a man who freely gives of his time, talents, and finances to those who are in need. Lastly, I have seen Mr. Peck in both personal and professional settings, and I admire the way he speaks to everyone with respect and good humor—whether it is a CEO or a waiter at the restaurant table.” We highly recommend Kerry Peck, Esq. and the fine legal team of Peck Bloom, when and if you are seeking excellent legal counsel for probate, guardianship, estate planning, or disability planning in Cook County.